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Buzz...what families are saying!

We started attending Kerrie's class in Fall of 2016- when my oldest daughter was 2 years old, and my youngest was just 2 weeks old. Even though my oldest was quite shy at the time, she loved coming to music each week, and slowly came out of her shell. We have attended every session since, and both of my girls are now singing and dancing every class. It is a great opportunity to get to know other parents and little ones, and it is great seeing all the little kids growing together over the course of the session. Kerrie is absolutely wonderful with the kids, incorporates a wide variety of structured and unstructured play opportunities, and embraces each little personality that every kid brings. Her musical instruments and props are ever changing to keep the kids engaged and excited, (and she always has cleaning wipes to make sure everything is clean and everyone stays healthy..which is a huge relief during flu season!). We adore Miss Kerrie, her class, and I am sure you will too!

Jessie Marie, February 3rd, 2018

We stumbled across Seaside Music Together well over a year ago. The best stumble ever! Miss Kerrie is fantastic - from her talent, to her heart and to her soul. I would never have known how much music could teach and nurture both my daughters without this class. Now with my oldest at school I realize even more the love for this class. She asks every week if her little sister and I have done “this song yet”. Fun for all. Even us parents get to play instruments we’ve never seen before. I couldn’t recommend it more. Plus, if you are sick or there is a snow day, you can attend any other class to make up. And she has a full week dedicated to make up classes at the end of each 10 week session. Brilliant!

Alexandra, February 1st, 2018

My son and I have been attending Miss Kerrie’s Music Classes now for just over a year. We both love her class and it is the highlight of our week. Now we have added his sister to the mix and even at just 6 months old, she loves watching and joining in to class. Kerrie makes the classes fun, and exciting for all the kids. She also makes it super easy to give the gift of music. We have received several gift certificates for birthdays and Christmas! Kerrie has helped us continue a strong love of music in our home!

Michela, February 1st, 2018

My son and I just started attending Miss Kerrie’s class, and we couldn’t love it more! One of our favorite hours all week! He is already recalling and singing the songs at home and I feel as if it is inspiring a love and appreciation for music. Miss Kerrie is so sweet and patient with the children, and really encourages them to experience the class in their own way which I love. I would absolutely highly recommend this class to anyone! We will certainly be attending as long as possible. I just wish we could go more than once a week!

Allie, February 1st, 2018

We absolutely love Miss Kerrie’s class! My daughter is learning to walk seeing all the other children and loves the music so very much. It’s pretty much the only music I am allowed to play in the car! Miss Kerrie includes instruments, parachutes, colored scarfs, hula hoops and more to make the music come to life. She has incredible energy and is so very creative. I highly recommend this class!

Leanne, February 2nd, 2018

My daughter Sailor and I started music together spring 2016. She was about 4 months old. We have loved it ever since. Kerrie is a natural as a musician, exposing the children to instruments and various sites and sounds. She has a lot exciting musical media that keeps the children fully entertained! She engages us all with her infectious joy. As a working mom I don’t get to spend a great deal of time during the week with Sailor. It’s truly enlightening to experience Kerrie’s class once a week with my daughter. It’s fun and exciting to watch her response to the experience!

Kristie, February 1st, 2018

My daughter Georgia and are on our third semester in a row. We started when Georgia was eight months old. Watching her grow each class and instilling her love for music while spending time together is priceless.Miss Kerrie is patient, kind and all of the children light up whenever they see her not to mention that she had an incredible talent. She is so much fun and brings the class to life. 
We LOVE everything about this class and look forward to attending for years to come.

Annie, February 1st, 2018

We love Miss Kerrie’s classes! It’s been wonderful to see my daughter learn and foster a love of music throughout the sessions. Miss Kerrie’s classes are the perfect place for babies and toddlers to learn and experience movement and music. Highly recommend!

Ebbie, February 7th, 2018

My daughter and I have been attending music together for over a year now and we absolutely love it! the music is great and the class is so much fun . Miss Kerrie is a wonderful teacher!

Leah, February 1st, 2018

My youngest and I have been attending Ms. Kerrie’s classes for our second year now. She’s great! A great place to socialize the little ones especially when they are shy like mine! Looking for something creative and fun to do? I would highly recommend it!!

Kara, February 1st, 2018

We LOVE this class! Miss Kerrie is fantastic and it is honestly my favorite time of the week with my 8 month old.

Carolyn, February 4th, 2018

Music Together with Miss Kerrie is a highlight of my daughter’s week. She’s been attending since 7 months old, it’s a wonderful class for all ages!

Megan, February 2nd, 2018

Kerrie's class is just as much for the families as it is for the kids! I have seen my son's confidence in class blossom and he now just randomly sings songs all day long. Her way with the group is incredible, she is patient and flexible and finds a way to incorporate every child. We love her class and will continue enjoying it for many more seasons! Come join us!!

Morgan, April 3rd, 2016

We love Miss Kerrie's music class! As a new stay at home mom I am always looking for something fun to do during the week to break up the monotony, and this is my toddler's favorite activity! She recently became a big sister and doesn't get to do much with mommy one on one anymore, but this is something we can do together. Miss Kerrie is easy going and incorporates each child into the class.

Nicholle, June 2nd, 2016

We have been attending music class with Miss Kerrie for over a year now, with kids ranging in age from 6 months to 3 and 1/2 years old. All ages of kids enjoy her classes and get something different from it. It’s especially amazing to watch a child transform in her classes. To see a child start off shy, slowly experimenting with an instrument then growing to where they’re singing the songs at home and participating in group activities is just wonderful. Miss Kerrie keeps her classes interesting and different from week to week, while using a familiar format and songs. In addition to being a talented and creative musician, Miss Kerrie is amazing with kids! She truly has a special connection with the kids in her classes and we look forward to participating for years to come.

Paula, March 22nd, 2016

I first started attending Music Together with Kerrie last Spring (2015) while I was watching an 8 month old and I was also 7 months pregnant with my first baby:) I had such a great experience during this time I knew once my daughter arrived into this world I wanted her to get this same experience (as she already had exposure in utero) I myself have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 15 years and I know how important music and movement is at such a young age.Children just naturally love music and so does Kerrie. Kerrie helps each group of children development in a variety of things trough music and movement such as giving children the exposure to participating in a group setting, developing social skills, expressing themselves , becoming aware of their own bodies as they move and dance, exploring cause and effect and learning many new words and concepts. Some of my personal experiences I have seen with my own daughter(she started when she was 4.5months old) doing Music Together for two sessions already are setting a routine and her picking up movement and rhythm by watching others, she also has picked up a sense of exploring a variety of instruments and a variety of music ( slow and fast). We also listen to the CD's in the car and I also use the App on my phone, and my daughter gets SO excited when songs she recognizes come on, she expresses her excitement as any 10 month old would by screeching, clapping and bopping her whole body! I am looking forward to the Spring session with Kerrie.

Megan, March 29th, 2016

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